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Author: Renee Slepak, Senior Advisor with Estate Ai

As a realtor, you are probably aware of the importance of marketing in your line of work. However, you may have been relying on your sphere of influence to generate leads and close deals. While this may have worked for a while, it’s time to diversify your marketing strategies and start spending more on advertising.

Here’s why:

Increased competition

The real estate market is becoming increasingly competitive, with more and more realtors entering the industry every day. Relying on your sphere of influence alone will not be enough to keep up with the competition and attract new clients. By spending more on advertising, you can reach a larger audience and stand out from the crowd.

Changes in consumer behavior

Consumers today are more likely to search online for information and resources when looking to buy or sell a property. This means that you need to be visible online and have a strong online presence. By investing in advertising, you can increase your visibility and reach more potential clients.


Advertising can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, especially when compared to traditional methods such as door-to-door sales and cold calling. With Estate Ai, you can easily and affordably target your ideal audience, making it easier to generate leads and close deals.

Better ROI

By diversifying your marketing strategies and spending more on advertising, you can expect a better return on investment. Estate Ai offers advanced targeting capabilities and analytics, so you can track your success and adjust your strategies as needed for maximum ROI.

In conclusion, it’s time for realtors to stop relying on their sphere of influence and start diversifying their marketing strategies. Estate Ai can help you reach a larger audience, generate leads, and close deals, making it a smart investment for any real estate business. Get started today and see the results for yourself!

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