Thank You to the 300+ Happy Realtors who’ve helped turned Estate AI into one of the fastest growing Real Estate growth partners in the entire country.


As A Growing Agency, We’re Always On The Lookout
For Great Talent!

Career Opportunities

We are not just a company, we’re your new family! Estate A.I. is all about the people who make up our dynamic culture. You can expect to be challenged and inspired every day as you work side-by-side with others in an environment that encourages creativity while nurturing self expression.

It’s no wonder why many professionals choose Estate A.I. over other companies because they know there will never come any time where someone isn’t giving their 100% focus on what needs to be done next or how much fun things they will have!


Interested in joining our exciting team of professionals? Before applying, please make sure to read our core team values below. We expect everyone on our team to meet and exceed our expectations.

No matter which position you apply for, everyone must provide value to the team. And we’re not just talking about client results. We want team players, people who get along well with others and who can help solve issues facing other team members.

We believe in compensating our team members well for the great work they do at Estate A.I. We also believe in hard work, so if you want to coast through life and do the bare minimum to keep your job… then you won’t last long at Estate A.I.

While we do have entry-level positions, we expect our team members to have a good understanding of their chosen profession. That doesn’t mean you NEED a degree, experience and self-learning is valuable. If you can perform your tasks like a BOSS… then you will fit right in at Estate A.I.

We’re not just a company, we are a family. We want team members who will enjoy hanging out with other team members, who share stories and help each other out. Again, we here at Estate A.I. are like a second family to one another.

What It's Like Working On The Estate A.I

Tia DeBorja

Dude I’m telling you I’m bossing up in all levels of my life. You guys have treated me better than I ever been treated in a company and appreciate my hard work.

Diego Becerra

Today I was in front of my PC just like another day, so you guys were talking like usual, everything the same but for a couple odd seconds I asked myself what if there was not Estate AI, What if I wouldn’t have met Jared, Matt and all of you. Just wanted to take this time out to let you know guys how lucky and blessed I am to have you. you inspired me to dream and work!