Thank You to the 300+ Happy Realtors who’ve helped turned Estate AI into one of the fastest growing Real Estate growth partners in the entire country.

About Us

We Are An Experienced Team Of Overachievers, Creative
Geniuses… And We Love The Real Estate Industry!

Estate AI


Empower every person we touch to become 7 Figure Human Beings.


Shift the paradigm for realtors that rely on referrals by teaching them how to run a business with consistent opportunity flow.

Our Core Values

Customer First

Realtors understand well how important it is to put the customer first – it’s at the core of their success. But not just Realtors: providing a top-notch customer experience should be at the core of every business. It’s why, here at Estate A.I., we make sure that our core values always place YOU the customer first!

A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

We live by the motto “A Rising Tide Raises All Ships”. It speaks to our commitment to helping each and every one of our clients reach their real estate career goals. We want everyone to be successful and prosper, not just ourselves. Helping others find success leads to a better society for us all!

Be The CEO Of Your Role

One of these core values is the mantra ‘Be The CEO Of Your Role’. Anyone who holds any position is encouraged to take ownership and accountability for their professional lives. The idea behind this core value is that we should view our work with the same dedication and commitment as we would if we were CEO of the company.

Persistence Beats Resistance

We recognize that perfecting their craft requires focus and commitment – two critical factors to success. We go above and beyond expectations with relentless determination; to keep pressing forward despite obstacles because we know with confidence that persistence will ultimately lead to greater rewards.

Actually Give A F*ck

Our company firmly believes in the core value of Actually Giving A F*ck. It’s not simply lip service on our part; we take extra steps to make sure our clients always receive personalized customer service, careful attention to detail and the highest degree of professionalism when they work with us.

Radical Honesty

Radical Honesty is the centerpiece of all that we do. We define it as being completely transparent with each other and our clients. It’s not just about telling the truth – it’s about embracing a culture of fearlessness in expressing one’s beliefs and convictions. Radical Honesty also builds trust between partners and is a cornerstone of building long-term relationships in business.

Meet Our Team

We’re a high-performance team with the creative potential to realize any project. What’s more, our innovative process lets us work better together than alone and achieve amazing results for Realtors across the country every day!

Joseph Schwalenberg
Sale Manager
Deanna Hooker
Agent Success Coach
Marian Fabro
Media Buyer Manager
Peter Blicharz
Guest Coach
Clara Portilla
Executive Assistant
Ryan Wilkins
Senior Advisor
Jake Koertge
Agent Success Coach
Josh Lucas
Automation Specialist
Richard Griffiths
Senior Advisor
Ben Mburu
Junior Media Buyer
Raymond Albuero
Junior Media Buyer
Marco Alvarez
Junior Advisor
Renee Slepak
Senior Advisor
Walter Key
Guess Coach
Senior Advisor
Melanie Dewberry
Senior Advisor
Lowell Downs
Junior Advisor

The Company History


Founded in 2016

By Jensen Barton, formerly known as Viral Zing Media


May 2020

Joined The Rise Mastermind For Top Marketing Companies


August 2021

Shields Marketing Group & Scope Markeing

August 2021

Jared Curry Was Appointed CEO along with Matt Shields as COO

September 2021

Rebranded To Estate Ai & Began To Solely Serve Realtors

October 2021

Developed A Proprietary Ai System For Realtors

November 2021

Hit The 7 Figure Run Rate At Record Speed


January 2022

Developed Our Award Winning 7 Figure Agent Coaching Program For Clients

January 2022

Deanna Hooker Joined Us As The Dedicated Mindset Coach For Our Clients & Peter Michael Became The Dedicated Sales Coach To Improve Our Clients Results

March 2022

Developed Phone Verication & Geo Mapping Technology For Our Clients To Improve Lead Quality

August 2022

Invited To Join The Acquisiton.Com Nurture Portfolio By Alex Hormozi

September 2022

Marian Fabro Was Promoted To The Media Buyer Manager Oveersing Millions In Ad Spend A Year For Our Clients

October 2022

Joseph Schwalenberg Was Promoted To Sales Manager

Present Day

Our history is filled with key moments, but the one thing that remains the same is our dedication to our clients success

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Listen To Our Many Success Stories

I currently have 4 sellers I am working with and expect to see a further 3 turn into listings giving me around 6 – 7 listings this summer from my leads.

Ambernique Bradley
Concord, NC

Whitney Hanna
Atlanta, GA

My ads have been running for a week now. I’ve received 3 leads so far. I was able to speak to one seller but not the other 2 so I decided to drop the CMA packages off to them personally. The first seller wasn’t home today so I left it by the door. The second seller answered. He told me to take a tour of the home. After touring I asked how long until he is ready to sell. He said NOW. I sent him the listing agreement as soon as I got back in and it looks like we will be listing for about 625K! SUPER EXCITED! Thank you Jake for the tips! I appreciate you and the entire Estate AI. team!

Jennifer Bright
Boulder, CO

I want to say that I absolutely LOVE this real estate family. The education is EXCELLENT, the coaching and mindset support is so AUTHENTIC. I have been following the program for about 7 months. I had one listing that has closed from the FB leads. I have another listing about to be signed – a divorced situation. I have a third listing potential – a lead called me today to let me know that they would be interviewing me and another agent for their mother’s estate.

Dawn Tuufuli
Henderson Nevada

I’ve been a Realtor for 20 years. I absolutely love Estate AI. The coaching I get every week is changing my business. I am always excited to get on trainings and get leads from this company. They are actually teaching me how to build a team which I always wanted to do. The leads are amazing and I have listings with two of the leads so far and more coming up. If you’re looking for great coaching calls and want listings this is the best company to be in.

Linda Okonaz
Hamburg NY

I joined in Dec. I have received 67 leads. Of course you have to sift through them and do your due diligence. I have gone on 12 appointments. 2 are listing in 2 weeks. 5 are in the next couple months. We realtors all know you have to work leads, cultivate them and they will come. Put all those leads in your CRM, feed them, and then they will feed you. Its not a scam.

Cecilia Ramos
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Went Live at the end of January 2022 2 Listings Signed!!!!! LISTING 1 closing end of the month $9,750 GCI. LISTING 2 awaiting professional photography and aerial. Live next Friday $15,600 GCI. Not to mention…. Flipped Seller 1 on New Construction Closing in Year $15k GCI. And all the other leads I’m about to close.

Rasheed Anderson
Brooklyn NY

Excited to be working with Estate AI, few months in but the leads i have been getting are people who actually want to sell and we just have to do our part and work the lead. I am happy with the services, leads, and assistance I have been getting overall. Shoutout to Jake my estate AI coach!

Rebecca Hayden
Sarasota Florida

I’ve been with Estate AI for about a month and a half now and I would highly recommend them to anyone! They do more than just provide you leads, they also coach you on how to close them which you will not get from anyother leads service. They are consistently providing value and creating a community where we can all share ideas and send each other business. I am grateful for their services and I am glad I took the leap of faith!

Jennifer Ott
Tampa, Florida

Just checking in this afternoon to confirm to all that the system WORKS! Two Estate AI leads, two CMA appointments…TWO LISTINGS! Booyah!! This girl is on fire and couldn’t be happier right now! Twice as nice! Only two weeks into this group and it’s the best thing since sliced bread! #agentlottery #wins

Sheri Fobare
Las Vegas Nevada

To anyone who hasn´t “made the call” yet…what are ya stupid or some’thin???

Estate AI stands high above the rest!