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As real estate agents, we’re constantly on the lookout for new trends to entice prospective buyers and make properties stand out in a crowded market. Well, pet lovers, rejoice! The industry is now experiencing an evolution in amenities that cater to our furry friends. From doggy doors to catios, built-in pet beds to mini-fridges for gourmet pet meals, the real estate market is embracing a new era of pet-friendly living.

Pet-Friendly Amenities are the Future

The rising trend of doggy doors is not surprising, given that 63% of US households own a pet. These doors come in various styles and can be built into walls, doors, and even windows. They provide pets the freedom to roam and help to mitigate the common problems of pets being left alone at home.

Catio spaces, enclosed patios that allow cats to enjoy the outdoors safely, are becoming an increasingly popular feature. Whether they are stand-alone structures or extensions of windows, these spaces bring the outdoors in for our feline companions while ensuring their safety.

Built-in pet beds are also rising in popularity. These cozy nooks, integrated into the design of a home, create a designated space for pets that is as stylish as it is functional. Moreover, they reflect the trend of prioritizing pets as important members of the family.

However, the standout trend in pet-friendly amenities is the inclusion of a mini-fridge dedicated to storing gourmet pet meals. As pet owners become more health-conscious and the demand for quality pet food rises, these fridges provide a practical solution for storing these special meals. They’re perfect for pet owners who subscribe to dog meal delivery services or prefer home-cooked meals for their pets.

Emphasizing Pet-Friendly Amenities in Real Estate Marketing

As agents, it’s crucial to spotlight these pet-friendly amenities in your listings and tours. They’re not just “nice-to-have” anymore; for many buyers, they’re a necessity. Pets are considered family members, and their comfort is a priority for potential homeowners.

From a marketing perspective, showcasing these features can attract a broader range of clients. Remember to highlight them in photographs, descriptions, and virtual tours.


In summary, the demand for pet-friendly amenities is soaring, with doggy doors, catio spaces, built-in pet beds, and mini-fridges for gourmet pet meals leading the trend. Embrace these features as they reflect the evolving needs and wants of today’s homeowners.

With pet-friendly amenities, we’re not just selling houses – we’re creating homes that cater to every family member, including the four-legged ones. So, let’s put our best paw forward and capitalize on this growing trend.


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